“Our life was in danger”

Truck drivers, engineers, fathers, who have left their country because of serious problems. The final destination in most of the cases is Germany. The Hungarian Charity Service of the Order of Malta helps refugees in transition at Keleti railway station.

Every evening from 7 pm the mobile clinic of the Charity Service arrives to the eastern railway Station, and they treat people with injuries and illnesses. From the beginning of August, volunteers assist in the work of the doctors. They distribute hygienic packages, toys and other donations among the asylum seekers.


We have listened to the stories of refugees at the transit zone near Keleti railway station and the park nearby.


“We are here at Keleti already for five days. We have left Pakistan three months ago, coming through Iran, Turkey, Greece, Macedonia and Serbia we reached Hungary. The situation is not easy, it might be that I can just have a shower tomorrow, because there are so many of us. But there are lots of people helping, they bring us food. There is an old lady in a pink shirt – I see her every day, since I’m here.”


“There are lots of problems in Afghanistan. We have come here because of the continuous bombing. The GPS on our phones helped us in orientating on the way. We are going towards Austria with the next train coming. Five of us would like to get to German, me and another guy to France.
Why France?
We have heard, that it’s a nice country.”


“I lived in Al-Hasakah, which is a city in the north-east of Syria, mostly Kurdish people live there. I ran away from the Daesh (Islamic State of Iraq and ash-Sham), as they can behead men, women, and children any time. I have five children. I moved them and my wife to Iraq, then I have left to Germany all alone. I have lots of relatives living in German cities, that’s why I’m going there.
Which was the most dangerous part of the road?
We crossed the sea from Turkey to Greece in a small motorboat with lots of people. It was really frightening.
What did you do for a living in Syria?
I studied at university, I’m an agricultural engineer, I worked at an office in Syria.
What are your plans in Germany?
I am quite good in drawing, so first I might just paint people on the street.”


“We come from Afghanistan, and we are going to Germany. Can you take a photo of us? And can we have a photo with you?”


“Because of the war and the talibans there are serious problems in Afghanistan. That’s why I have left with my wife. Our daughter was born on the way. The situation is getting better, at Budapest I finally feel myself free, and I’m relatively safe. I would like to go to Germany. I know, it’s not easy because of the language, but I have two professions: I’m a truck driver and a car mechanic. I hope that I can find jobs with these two.”