Coffee To Go


Coffee To Go – The New Way of Volunteering
8 months, 8 discussion, 8 actions
Meetings, experience, social problems from first hand

During 8 months (from September 2015 to April 2016) we are organising a so called SocCafé. The aim of the 8 occasions is to draw attention to the up-to-date society problems, the background of them and the alternative solutions. The topics we discuss during these 8 events are the following: generally about volunteering, volunteering abroad, migration, child poverty, family violence, opportunities for Romani, homeless and disabled people. Not only we would like to talk about these topics, but we also take action. For this reason in every month we are organizing short volunteer programs, which are connected to the target group who we are in the centre during the discussions.

  1. September 8 19:00 The New Ways of Volunteering
  2. Oktober 13 19:00 Volunteering Abroad
  3. November 10 19:00 Migration
  4. December 8 19:00 Child Poverty
  5. January 12 19:00 Homeless People in Focus
  6. February 9 19:00 How to go on? Crisis in the families
  7. March 8 19:00 Romani people
  8. April 12 19:00 People living with disabilities

Our articles in English about the events: