Media in Volunteering, Volunteering in Media

Traveling halfway around the world to pursue charitable objectives with young cyclists, an app that helps the visually impaired, the European Voluntary Service in 60 seconds, creativity on International Volunteers’ Day and the International Camp for Disabled Youth of the Order of Malta in videos and newspaper articles. Here we’ll show you 10 separate examples of volunteer work appearing in the media.

In mid-February, 25 youngsters from 4 different countries met in Lithuania to analyze, examine, develop and expand the representation of volunteering in the media. Organized within the framework of Erasmus+ youth exchanges, the Hungarian, Lithuanian, Ukrainian and German youth members of the Order of Malta organizations came together to discuss and share examples of the representation and appearance of volunteering, the EVS, and social issues and actions in the media.

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The presentation of NGOs, charity work and volunteer programs is particularly important in various media platforms: it can help increase social awareness on issues, and may help attract new volunteers and potential donors. We searched for international examples, from creative sites and interesting videos. The participants from the Media in Volunteering project share their top ten favorite examples:

1. A moving Thai advertisment

2. Happy International Volunteers’ Day! (New Zealand)

3. True Men – campaign to prevent violence against women (Italy)

4. One minute EVS – Drienyovszki Eszter, garphic designer, former EVS volunteer

5. A youth exchange project in Latvia focusing on environmental issues

6. L’Arche in France – helpers and the disabled working together

7. International Camp for Disabled Youth of the Order of Malta – elaborate media manifestations in videos, newspapers and online

8. Be My Eyes app – using the internet and smartphones to help the visually impaired

9. Island Creative Quarantine – international media project in Komárom, within the Erasmus framework

10. Voluntour – bicycle tour from France to Vietnam with charitable goals – elaborate media manifestations online, in videos, on Facebook

Translated by: Tiffany Kovacs