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Youth Network On The Road

After two years, the project that involved nine European countries and empowered a Strong Youth Network for a Long Term Positive Change in CE Europe is about to be finished. What did we reach during the two years? Where should we head next? What kind of programs would we like to create together in the future? – the Malteser Youth International Network was trying to find answers for these questions during their meeting in October, in Germany.

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On the Way to a Strong Youth Network

Team building with the X&Y game, creating a long carpet from the National Plan of Actions, trading with our skills at the market of competences – some of the methods that were used during the recent meeting of Malteser Youth International Network in Ukraine in order to reach the vision and “Inspire youth work that matters”.

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Nine Countries on the Same Road

Reaching the common view, increasing motivation and communication, strengthening group cohesion – these were the objectives of the meeting of the Malteser Youth International Network in Poland, in the beginning of November. The hard work resulted in a new structure, promising project ideas and an elected leadership team, helping the journey of the network in the future.

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